A Guide to Spanish Holidays at La Manga Club

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Holidays in Andalucia

Andalucia been a favorite destination among travelers for years. The island averages 320 days of sun per year, making it popular with sun worshippers and beach enthusiasts. With a diverse tourism product, there is something to suit just about every budget and taste on the island. If you\'re looking for something exotic and a little bit outside your typical holiday, this might be worth a look.

Moving around in Andalucia

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Horse Riding at Rancho de la Fuenta La Manga Spain

Horse riding is just one of many activities that can be done whilst at La Manga. The stable yard is in the local town of Los Belones which is no more than a few minutes drive from La Manga Club. The name of the horse ridng stables is Rancho de la Fuente.

There are about 60 horses available for adults to ride which are mainly Andalucian horses and there are Shetland ponies available for children, although there are many breeds of horses including Donkeys, Shetland ponies and Arabian horses at the horse riding stables.

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Horse Riding in La Manga

There are two horse riding stables close to La Manga Club. Rancho de la Fuenta is located just out side the local town of Los Belones and has a great selection of about 70 horses to suit all levels of horse riding ability.

Horse riding be booked upon arrival, please visit the horse riding stables and chat to the staff who will let you know what horse riding activities are scheduled during your holiday. This will also give you a chance to discuss your level of horse riding ability and to see and meet the horses

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How big is La Manga Club

How big is La Manga Club. La Manga is like a small town, set in 1400 acres on the Costa Calida known as The Warm Coast where the flowers and orchards flourish in the year long sunshine.

The accommodation is set up like a big village, with about twenty different property communities. There is no main central area although Bellaluz Square has a few shops and restaurants and the tennis centre area has a good selection of restaurants within a few minutes walk.

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How do I book golf tee times at La Manga Club

You can book your golf tee times, private golf lessons and the Golf Academy courses directly with the golf club at La Manga Club.

There are 3 golf courses at La Manga Club, you need a handicap certificate to play on the South Golf Course, but you an play the North Golf Course and the West Golf Course without a handicap certificate.

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How do I book the Football Coaching Academy at La Manga Club

The Football Coaching Academy at La Manga Club is suitable for children, both girls and boys aged up to 15. The La Manga Coaching Academy is open to both boys and girls and all ability levels. Coaching sessions are primarily designed to improve key footballing skills, however, the sessions are specifically fun orientated and stress the acquisition of social skills and confidence. This approach ensures that each child has a rich and rewarding experience, whilst learning and improving their footballing skills.

There is also the option to combine sport packages for those children wishing to participate in more than one academy in the same week. The academies run at different times so children can participate is as many different academies as they wish.

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How far is Cartagena from La Manga Club

Cartagena is definitely worth a visit. Here you will find many shops and a very popular old port, where some of the large cruise ships visit frequently. In Cartagena you will find a beatiful old city with a mixture of both old and new.

There is a weekly excursion to Cartagena on Wednesday of each week to El Corte Ingles, which is one of Spains largest department stores. The coach trip to Cartagena is organised by the Hotel and can be pre booked through the Information Desk within the Hotel.

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How to Book Your Tennis Holiday at La Manga Club

The Tennis Centre at La Manga Club is generally considered to offer some of Europe’s finest tennis facilities. A number of important Davis and Federation Cup tennis tournaments have been held there and it is the winter training base for the Lawn Tennis Association. It is located in the centre of La Manga Club and gives you the opportunity to adapt or improve your game, or if you are a complete beginner, you can take advantage of the highly qualified, multilingual team of coaches to get you started. The 5 day academy courses run throughout the year from Monday to Friday and offer coaching for everyone, from 4 years old to adult.

Adult Tennis Academy

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How to Choose a Luxury Villa Rental

Villa rentals are becoming more popular for families going on vacation in many areas of the world. Villas offer a degree of privacy that just isn't available at hotels and most resorts. Luxury villa rentals offer a great deal more than the average villa rental in terms of extra accommodations. Luxury villa rentals are available in nearly every country around the world. Italy, Greece, Spain, Mexico and the Caribbean are among some of the more sought-after destinations. Concierge services and valet parking are only a few of the added comforts of a luxury villa rental. Most villa rentals of this stature provide a full staff that is available to see that your every need is met while you do nothing but enjoy your vacation.

Bedding in Luxury Villa Rentals

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Indulge Yourself in a Spanish Holiday Villa

Spanish holiday villas are highly prized accommodations. With Spain reclaiming its popularity as a holiday destination in recent years, villa rentals are harder to find. That's why it's important to get a reservation as early as possible to have the perfect little palace in Spain for your holiday. Besides that, all you have to do is decide where you want to stay in the country. There's a little something for everyone, from the playboy's paradise to perfect family vacation destination. Check out the country's rich locations and see for yourself where the ideal vacation is for you.

An increasingly popular location is La Manga, which has the best of both worlds. La Manga is located on a tiny strip of land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor. This is just one of the beautiful, natural features of La Manga. The beaches are world renowned, as are the golf courses. In fact, the term La Manga is often used to refer to a specific championship golf course in the region. At the end of La Manga, you'll find the famous yacht club Tomas Maestre located in a lighthouse. It's one of the most celebrated areas in La Manga to stop and have a bite to eat.

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Information about La Manga Club

Information about La Manga Club. There is an Information Point within the Hyatt Regency Hotel, from where you can obtain details about whats going on in and around La Manga Club during your stay.

Additionally, every property will have an information booklet giving emergency contact numbers and general hints. This information guide about La Manga will also include information about local activities, restaurants, whats on and where to go. Your on site management will also be happy to assist with any information about the local area and points of interest.

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Insects at La Manga Club Spain

Insects at La Manga Club. As Spain is a very hot country, it is inevitable that there will be insects of some sort during your stay. We recommend that you take a good mosquito repellent with you and that you empty your rubbish bins at least once a day, in order to avoid an insect infestation.

Never leave food out on display, which will encourage insects into the property. Insect powder can be purchased at both of the on site supermarkets which is very effective deterrent to insects.

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Intensive Tennis Course at La Manga

Looking to improve your tennis skills? In addition to its highly successful 10-hour, 15-hour and weekend courses, La Manga Club Tennis Centre now offers intensive 25-hour courses. Designed by Conchita Martinez's former personal coach, this super-effective 5-day programme covers all the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills you need to take your game to the next level.

Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 12:00 hrs and from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs

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