A Guide to Spanish Holidays at La Manga Club

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The Best Areas to Find Villa Rentals in Spain

Whether you are looking for a holiday getaway or a long-term stay, villa rentals in Spain offer some of the most luxurious choices available. You can rent a villa featuring any view you desire, from the mountains to the sea. A great villa rental can provide access to cities and metropolitan areas or take you far from civilization.

Perhaps you are looking for a quiet getaway. A remote villa in the Cabo Roig area of the Costa Blanca can provide the seclusion you desire. Many villa rentals in areas such as the Cabo Roig offer easy seaside access, as well as private pools. Imagine yourself relaxing in your private pool, sipping a drink.

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The Dance Academy at La Manga Club

The Dance Academy at La Manga Club is for children aged 8 through to 16 plus. Students who attend the dance academy will learn a routine to a recent chart song which will then be performed at the end of the week.

Street style dance will be performed which is a funky form of jazz used by many of the biggest pop stars in their performances. During school holiday time there are 2 Dance Academy work shops each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, Each Dance Academy is different and there is a discount for students who reserve for both dance courses.

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The Self Catering Spanish Holiday

The idea of vacationing abroad doesnt always bring thoughts of relaxation beside a pristine beach or casually hiking through a mountain range. Vacationers may believe they can only go to another country with a tour group or travel agency. This also presents the problems that arise with traveling on someone else's schedule. Other people decide when you eat or where you visit.

A self catering Spanish holiday can ease such expectations and offer complete relaxation. These wonderful excursions eliminate the worries of a rigorous, fast-paced schedule. Your self catering holiday in Spain is the leisurely alternative for those who want to get away on their own schedule.

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Things to do at La Manga Club in Spain

Boredom is not at option at La Manga Club as there is an unlimited number of things to do in and around La Manga Club in Spain to make the resort a perfecr Spanish holiday destination.

Here is a sample of just some of the things to do in and around La Manga Club: golf, tennis, football, beauty spa, boat trips, canoeing, casino, climbing, crazy golf, pitch and putt golf, fishing, fitness classes, go karting, hang gliding, horse riding, hot air ballooning, jacuzzis, jogging, dance academy, diving, snorkelling, kite surfing, lawn bowls, shopping, markets, mountain bikes, paddle tennis, play areas, childrens club, quad biking, saunas, squash, walking and water sports to name just a few.

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Tipping at La Manga Club in Spain

Tipping at La Manga Club in Spain is discretionary. If you eat at any of the restaurants at La Manga Club, a Service Charge would not usually be included in the bill and tipping is left to your discretion.

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Travel Insurance for my La Manga Club Spanish Holiday

We recommend that you take Travel Insurance for your holiday to La Manga Club. The link below will provide various options and some great prices

Single Trip Insurance - No matter where you are going, this travel insurance policy will give you the protection you need, or opt for Annual if your planning multiple trips this year.

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Vacation Villa Rentals

Tourism is a driving force for the economies of many nations around the world. For example, the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands are very popular Spanish vacation destinations. Both destinations offer a wide variety of accommodations from one-star hotels to villa rentals. Villa rentals are becoming increasingly popular as a means of getting away from everyday life.


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Vacations in a La Manga Villa A Total Holiday Experience

A holiday in a Spanish luxury resort or villa offers the traveler a well-rounded holiday full of a variety of pleasures. With a combination of pristine beaches, superior dining options and some much-deserved rest and relaxation, as well as a vibrant cultural scene, you will get a great vacation in Spain. To ensure your vacation is all of these things and more, book yourself into a villa in La Manga in the Murcia region of Spain.

A holiday in La Manga is ideal for the ocean lover in you. If falling asleep to the gentle lapping of waves or plunging into warm waters and then drying off in the warm summer rays is your idea of the perfect holiday, why not spend your days (and nights!) next to the ocean? You can choose from a good selection of beach villas in La Manga. Some are not located right on the beach in La Manga, but all are within a short distance to the Mediterranean.

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Vacations in Alicante Something for Everyone

Looking for a fabulous holiday getaway? Tired of traveling to the same old overcrowded tourist traps? Want to explore an up and coming new region in European travels? If these questions sound intriguing, plan your next vacation in the Alicante region of Spain.

The Alicante province stretches from Cabo de la Nao in the north to the Mar Menor in the south. Along the coast are many small villages and resort communities, and each of them offers distinct charms for holiday travelers. Whether you're looking for tourist spots or hidden gems, the Alicante province offers plenty of things to do.

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Vacations in La Manga Make Culture and History a Part of your Holiday

Visitors are usually drawn to vacations in La Manga because of the beaches and endless sunshine. Tourists who embark on vacations in La Manga can't help but soak up the culture along with the sunshine.

Visitors are usually drawn to vacations in La Manga because of the beaches and endless sunshine. The unique land formation of the La Manga strip has become a Mecca for tourists. There is more to La Manga and the Mar Menor region than sand and surf, though. The area is rich in history and culture. Tourists who embark on vacations in La Manga can't help but soak up the culture along with the sunshine.

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Villas in Spain

Traditionally, vacationers focus their attention on resorts and hotels. Many times the more private and maybe more affordable alternatives are overlooked, simply because they are not a widely used option. In several vacation destinations in Spain, certain pieces of personal property may be for rent. Homes, villas, condominiums and the like can often be acquired at very reasonable prices.

Hotels and resorts often have great high-rise views of the city, landscape or surrounding waters. Two advantages rental villas often have over this type of amazing scenery are space and privacy. Villas are quite literally single-family homes in a beautiful Spanish vacation location. Unlike hotels and some resort properties, villas offer sleeping for four to up to 12 people in some areas. Traditional style and charm add to the overall relaxing Spanish atmosphere.

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Walking in La Manga Spain

When you take your Spanish holiday in La Manga, be sure to make time for peaceful and relaxing walks through the surrounding countryside. Venturing out for a walk from your apartment, luxury resort or private villa is a great way to experience the sites and culture. Treat yourself to an up-close-and-personal look at this beautiful area of Spain.

A great place to walk is the Calblanque Nature Reserve. This regional park received protected status in 1987 and received classification as a nature reserve in 1992. The walking area includes lovely beaches, hills, cliffs and salt flats. For those who enjoy leisurely waterside walks, Calblanque has amazing beaches. The nature reserve offers visitors the opportunity to see various forms of wildlife and even has an area designated for camping.

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Water Sports at La Manga

La Manga Club is in an excellent location for water sports, being situated between two seas. A world of water-based sports activities await you, just 10 minutes drive from La Manga Club.

The Mar Menor is Europe’s largest salt water lagoon and covers an area of approximately 170 square kilometres. The water is on average some 6 degrees warmer than elsewhere in the Mediterranean and its unique location, together with the superb weather and thermal winds mean that La Manga Club is an ideal setting for sailing, windsurfing and water sports holidays.

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Watersports in La Manga

Spain's La Manga Del Mar Menor region is one of the hottest places on the map for water sports. Explore some of the strip's most popular water sports. La Manga Del Mar Menor: Endless Activity for the Water Sports Enthusiast Spain's La Manga Del Mar Menor region is one of the hottest places on the map for water sports. The Mar Menor, which translates to "Little Sea," is located on the southeastern coast of Spain. Technically a part of the Mediterranean Sea, it is considered its own body of water. The La Manga Del Mar Menor strip of land cuts it off almost entirely from the rest of the sea. The strip itself is about 22 kilometers long. It's barely a kilometer at its widest, and a mere 300 kilometers at its narrowest. Little more than a sandbar, it offers easy access to both the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea. This accessibility makes La Manga Del Mar Menor an ideal place to engage in water sports. Tourists anxious to engage in some of the world's best water sports have numerous options. In fact, it would take weeks to try them all. Some of La Manga Del Mar Menor's most popular water sports include: * Windsurfing. This water sport is a cross between surfing and sailing. Participants use a board, called a sailboard. It is powered by a sail that is manipulated by the user to steer. Steering is also accomplished by tilting and leaning. Lessons are available throughout the Mar Menor coast for both novices and advanced surfers. Novices tend to prefer the gentle breezes and smaller waves of the Mar Menor. Hardier and more experienced riders enjoy trying the bigger waves on the Mediterranean side of the strip. Windsurfing is recommended for ages ten and up. * Kite surfing. This water sport uses a wakeboard. The rider wears a harness attached to a power kite which pulls him over the surface of the water. Riders can choose to use foot bindings that secure him to the board or to free-style. Like windsurfing, kitesurfing lessons can be found throughout La Manga Del Mar Menor. This water sport is recommended for older teenagers and adults. * Sailing. Sailing is an excellent sport for spectating as well as participating. Tourists often choose to charter a sailboat with a captain to cruise the waters of the Mar Menor. Rates are charged by the hour. Half day and full day trips are also available. Visitors who want to try their hand at sailing can sign up for lessons in various locations. Lessons are supervised by professional instructors. * Surfing. Want to try riding with just the power of the waves and your own sense of balance? Lose the kite and sail and try surfing lessons. Novice and advanced surfers alike learn from experienced instructors on either side of the strip. This water sport is recommended for ages ten and up. * Scuba diving. Diving tours are available throughout the region. They vary in length from a few hours to day long trips. The Mar Menor is teeming with sea life. Scuba diving will provide visitors with an up-close view of some of the best underwater attractions. Scuba diving is recommended for older teens and adults. * Snorkeling. Even younger children enjoy this water sport. Kids particularly get a thrill out of seeing the sea from a new perspective. Rentals are available all over the coast. Tourists can choose to self-guide or to hire a guide for a truly educational experience. The most popular water sport of all is swimming. All ages love the balmy azure waters of the Mar Menor. This saltwater lake has an average year-round temperature of 17 degrees Celsius. It can actually reach as high as 30 degrees in the hottest part of the summer. The Mediterranean side of the La Manga Del Mar Menor strip is cooler, with large breakers and open breezes. Whichever side tourists choose, water sports are one of the most memorable parts a vacation to the region.

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