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Play Lawn Bowls at La Manga Club in Spain

The lawn bowls green is located along side the tennis centre at La Manga Club. The six rink bowling green is maintained in excellent condition all year, ready for you to play lawn bowls at any time of year.

La Manga bowls green is one of the very few lawn bowls green is Spain, so if this is your sport then La Manga has to be your first choice bowls destination.

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Private Villas in Spain

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a Spanish castle with all its amenities at your disposal? Does the notion of waking up in a huge, antique bed and roaming around a giant European villa completely undisturbed sound like a dream come true? Well, stop dreaming and start booking a vacation to Spain complete with a private villa. Private villas in Spain are the absolute best way to experience the magic of Spanish life.

Private villas are available in virtually every area of Spain. They range from converted barns or small homes that are reasonably priced all the way up to palatial mansions with price tags that boggle the minds of even the wealthy. There is something for everyone when it comes to private villas in Spain. Especially suited for family getaways, many villas come with pools and enough room for even the largest of families to sleep comfortably.

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Quad Bikes and Biking in La Manga

You can enjoy quad biking around La Manga, Spain, as an experienced rider or a novice. Once you learn the ropes, you can have a great time riding alone or with your family and friends. Be prepared to enjoy speed, mud, jumps and off-road challenges based on your expertise. If you prefer to slide and skid through mud and over jumps, indulge yourself. If you would rather take it easy and enjoy the scenery, then just take things at your own pace. La Manga quad biking offers rides for all experience levels.

The Quad Bike

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Reception at La Manga Club in Spain

Reception at La Manga Club in Spain. There is no central reception at La Manga Club. Details of your key collection arrangements will be sent with your Final Confirmation, no later than 2 weeks prior to departure.

It is essential that your holiday confirmation paperwork is taken with you to La Manga Club as this will include important information about key collection, maps and driving directions. If you have not received this final holiday confirmation within 2 weeks of your departure date, please contact us immediately.

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Reservations at La Manga Club in Spain

Select the villa or apartment you would like to make reservation on at La Manga Club.

Choose the La Manga Club accommodation you would like to reserve. You can review all available accommodation and prices at La Manga Club on this website by referring to the top left hand section of this page or the La Manga Club reservation booking engine below.

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Resort Guide and Map of La Manga Club

Interactive resort guide and map of La Manga Club in Spain. Resort Guide of La Manga Club showing leisure and sport facilities at La Manga Club along with photos, description and location of the rental villas and apartments at La Manga Club Resort in Spain

Follow the link below to view our interactive map of La Manga. Place your cursor over the Name on the map for overview, or click on Name for detailed information

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Restaurants at La Manga Club

La Manga Club offers a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and bars to meet the needs of every visitor. Restaurants at La Manga Club include many international as well as local delights. More than twenty-five restaurants and bars may be enjoyed at any given time.

Brief Overview of La Manga Club's Delis and Cafes

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Restaurants at La Manga Club in Spain

Restaurants at La Manga Club in Spain. There are over 25 restaurants and bars at La Manga Club in Spain. La Manga offers a wide choice cuisine from Spanish, Italian to Chinese restaurants.

Every restauarant at La Manga Club offers a childrens menu and will provide baby seats. There are also a number of snack / restaurant bars offering tapas and light snacks. There is also a geat German bakery close to the tennis centre which is worth a visit for lunch.

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Rubbish Disposal at La Manga Club

Rubbish Disposal at La Manga Club. Rubbish bags will be provided in each property and should be placed in the nearest green wheelie rubbish bin, or the storage cupboard marked “basura”.

We recommend that rubbish bins in the accommodation are emptied at least once a day, in order to prevent an infestation of ants or flies.

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Satellite Cable Television at La Manga Club

There will be at least one TV in each apartment or villa, receiving La Manga Club Television and also about 30 satellite channels, approximately half of which are English speaking, including Sky sports, Eurosport, BBC and Cartoon Network.

A number of the bars at La Manga Club have large TV screens and show major sporting events.

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Security at La Manga Club

La Manga Club has its own 24 hour manned barrier security points, which are located at both entrances to La Manga Club. There are also regular security patrols around the resort and the local police can often be seen too.

Security is of paramount importance at La Manga Club and has an excellent secuity record and includes regular checks and 24 hour CCTV in large parts of La Manga Club. The villas and apartments all have secuity locks and it is important that doors and windows are always locked securely when you go out.

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Shopping at La Manga Club

There are a number of outlets for shopping at La Manga Club and food can be bought from the supermarkets. There are many shopping centres at Cartagena, Murcia and Alicante and several of the local villages have a weekly market. See related links for details of the local shopping markets close to La Manga Club

On La Manga Club you will find everything you need from gifts, clothing, sports, golf and tennis equipment, jewellery and interior design shops to fine wines and grocery shopping.

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Shopping in Cartagena Spain

Cartagena is a 20 minute drive from La Manga Club on a straight road which leads you directly into this historic town. The port area has been greatly improved over the past few years enticing the cruise ships to make Cartagena a regular stop on their Mediterranean routes.

You will find a lot of the major European retailers there together with many traditional Spanish shops, cafes and bars. A walk around the town is a pleasant and safe experience but please bear in mind that the shops will open at approximately 10.00 and close for Siesta at 13.30. They will then re-open at 17.00 to 21.00 approximately.

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Spain The Perfect Holiday Destination

Travelers choose to take a holiday in Spain for many reasons. Some of the most beautiful vistas on Earth are found in Spain, and the country also contains some of the greatest party locations in Europe. Whether seeking solitude or nightlife, Spain has a lot to offer.

For the casual vacationer who wants to get an overview of Spain, take a trip to both the coast and one of the World Heritage Sites of the country. Ibiza, party capital of the world, is both of these things. Ibiza is one of the fifty Balearic Islands, and it has both an interesting history and exciting future. The nightlife of the area is centered on the south and the west of the island. Ibiza is known as the island paradise of the electronic music scene. It can get pretty rambunctious, but if you're up to it, Ibiza offers some of the best nightlife in the world. Of course, if you're not in the mood to visit the "Gomorrah of the Med," Ibiza probably isn't the place for you.

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Spanish Holiday Villas

Many travelers think of a Spanish villa holiday as an incredibly luxurious vacation. The beautiful countryside, festive events and fascinating culture and history offer a welcome change from the standard “vacation.” Now there are more reasons than ever to pursue the dream of a Spanish villa vacation.

Private villas are a hot trend for the avid vacationer. With such endless possibilities, it’s easy to see why the demand is rising. Private villas offer many accommodations and amenities that you won’t find elsewhere.

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